Eight billion people on Earth.
One life-changing encounter in Kyoto.

Meeting someone can change your destiny.
They could be a like-minded friend, a coach who’s hard on you,
or someone you’ve fallen in love with.
Meeting just one person can change how you think and guide your life.
There are billions of people in the world, so naturally,
travelling brings us near countless others that we don’t stop to speak with.
But could there be a way to create a deeper, truer once-in-a-lifetime meeting?
This thought inspired us.
Here in Kyoto, there are fascinating people who we’d like the world to meet.
For example, master artisans who weave the threads of tradition into new shapes.
Or Buddhist priests who pass on deep wisdom at temples
with over a thousand years of history.
Get to know true Kyotoites who you would never encounter on a regular trip.
Listen, discuss, connect, and feel their souls.
That’s the kind of journey we want to bring into the world.
And if it’s okay with you, we want to hear your story too.
After all, what we want isn’t a one-sided presentation,
but instead a genuine dialogue between different souls.
We believe that only then can you say that you’ve truly “met” someone.
That’s why Hood Travel brings together people who have led completely
different lives in completely different places to seek, speak, and share.
Find us in Kyoto for an encounter that will stay with you for the rest of your life.